Sunday, December 12, 2004

Let's do it backwards

Diary of a fired flight Attendant, = child of Diary of a Flight Attendant: a salutary warning about TMI

But wait a minute. Did you wake up this misty, sunday morning to look for pictures of 6 foot blonde flighty stewardesses? No > the Blogdexing experiment continues. Google was # 1, so naturally curious. It was the PAL [predictive adaptive lexicon-type] Google I came across last night. Predict this will be the Xmas party favourite ( I'll try writing 'fav, but it doesn't feel right at my age), though apparently others have been around for some time such as blinx and copernic. No mention of PAL. They are all described as indexing engines. How did Google search get to Blogdex #1 from nowhere in one day?

For brevity's sake [brevisake...?] and since they are my current experimental "results", these are the links that followed from Google: [ Bag..bagh...baghd...baghdadsk.] mention of

baghdadskies to see my post on on liar Bliar Blair
  • check briefly to see if it embarassed me before moving swiftly to
blogpulse (1)

blogpulse (2)

blogpulse (3)

telepocalypse a weblog I have never come across before
  • which mentioned something had been reading a couple of days ago and wondering about

henshall weblog which took me back to

  • get thoroughly confused and TMI-d, resort to
wikipedia "stumbleupon"

  • which pleasingly led to fact that you didn't have to add stumble to a browser to benefit from it

stumbleupon groups

stumbleupon social networks

A Short Introduction to Social Networks: A Non-Technical Elementary Primer

  • which made me write something down
  • which then led to the references, which led to - SocialNetworkFragments

an object lesson in what not to put in weblogs and a fulsome discussion on general principles of weblogworld and the bitstream

B the way our ex- flight attendant is called Elli Simonetti has her name all over Google.

  • If Elli - bless - and a real nice gal by all accounts, had written this story down without recourse to JPEGery, then she would, might, still be working for her previous employer. In my classification scheme she comes under naive-techie [ learnt how to post graphics, etc], which, incidentally, is approximately my grade.
  • Airline put Ellie up and down their aircrafts' aisles so that their passengers could all look at her best features and build up a head of steam so as to forget they might fall out of the sky. Why chastise her for showing legs off-duty? Because she did it in uniform. Actually, also because she did it on one of their aircraft, which helps shatter the company - any airline's -carefully crafted image of the flight attendant. Beautiful, competent, "Don't worry, if the pilot has a heart attack,I'm a qualified hang-glider pilot...".
  • The problem is not just Ellie. Now everyone has the image of the flight attendant Ellie has created with her JPEGs. Well, no...., they had that years ago. Look why do they chose good looking stewards (are they all gay?) and stewardessess? Fly me ! Singapore Airlines ?
  • Turn minds back. Recall Abu Ghraib - Iraq war sites in general, where there are probably tens of 1000s of pics up, many of which are gruesome in one way or another.
  • Then ask whether there ought to be ways of ensuring that people can't post up [ text or images ], willie-nillie, without being aware of what it exactly they are posting to. This would be quite easy to incorporate into software without any hint of restricting freedom.
  • It's just a web driving licence - which, in this case, you don't pass or fail, it simply won't let you through the bifurcations till you have read warnings about what and what not to post up if you want a quite life/ keep job/not end up in prison, et al.
  • Should Ellie sue her blog software company, too, for not warning her she might get into trouble? Other products have warnings, such as "Do not use this food blender under bedclothes after late night heavy drinking".


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