Monday, December 20, 2004

Blogdex 20 December 2004

Seems to be failing. Have found nothing to link to in three days. The test is not whether you try something but whether you go beyond the first link.

For example, today, [Blogdex #9 = 20 December 2004] certainly caught my eye, because of my interest in all photo stuff to enhance weblogs. As soon as page came up, went back to today's listing. Since it is so high on page # 1 this shows how irresistible they are. Naughty boys defacing the school notice board.... though for sound commerical resaons, in this case, possibly.

NYT on "The Passion" looked as if it might lead somewhere, but didn't. Need to Google on, so I lose the game. Though the article was not what I was after, it did make me think I might write some thoughts about my friend Jesus on norfolkskies.

Despite many people writing the first thing that comes into their heads on an topic, any time, I am cagey about doing this for two reasons:

(1) everything I say can add to the sum total of what I am - do I want everyone to know everything I think, right down to the the last dot and comma, or do I want an edited version? Isn't what I present to anyone IRL an "edited version", anyway? I certainly hope so.

(2) might let slip personal information about myself - I have never, ever felt the desire to expose myself completely, worldwide, name address, hair colour, et al. Oh, no, you now know I have paranoid tendencies... I hate that when someone says, "I know where you live", even when it is a figure of speech.

A few days ago, did have some success, link-wise, reading a nice American student's website, can't remember the subject matter, but she told us everything, name, university addresss faculty, current picture. Is this confidence or stupidity.

I refer my readers to the comment I found earlier by a sage teacher providing weblog facilities for his students: paraphrased,"It is the writing not the person we want to expose". Amen.

Maybe the willingness to over-expose - anywhere, anytime - is a feature of the riskophile. Get that completely. Eysenck. Extrovert/Introvert, Hard-ego/Soft-ego, etc. But then, we, as fellow members of weblogworld, are here to say, "It might not be a good idea to do that", just as we might to a friend or not friend IR, because we feel it necessary.

Maybe I ought to post a note to my college weblogger, suggesting she is less open?


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