Sunday, May 29, 2005

Golden rules for Blogging clever

The Sunday Times 29 May 2005:

Doors: Golden rules for Blogging clever : Robbie Hudson

quotes Simon

(as in life)

extremism beats moderation and emotion beats logic. If you want reasoned discourse, prepare to die in oblivion. If yu want invective and il-considered responses, what the hits come in.

This is the same sort of mentality that rules commercial media. Try to ufck peoples' minds, its good for them...
beg to differ on this my friends. The blog is the place where all types of discourse are invited and each writer or reader will find his own company. It can be a game, a popularity contest, but as we know you're top of the polls one day and down ant the bottom the next, because the intemperance is matched by low attention span, fickleness, flightiness: the whoola hoop, Rubik Cube, or soon maybe xbox of the bit stream.


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