Monday, February 14, 2005

14 February 2005 - And another One, And another one....

Really need to get the words of this song...

The Charlotte Observer lists the more famous examples of Bloggers who complain about jobs often lose them.

Brings to mind the English (policeman or ambulance man? Find it later) who has no trouble retaining job, because he describes what goes on in his life without being too judgemental. Will public sector work bloggers get the sack as frequently as private sector bloggers?

The link came from AnonyMoses [Blogdex # 27 14 Feb o5] :

a blogroll a long as I have ever seen!

A quick scroll makes me think he' done a lot of my work for me.

This from Editor & publisher came from him too: Newspaper 2.0: The Blogging Revolution by Jesse Oxfeld.


"I think there's a real role for blogs in the future of online journalism," says Doug Feaver, executive editor of But how exactly to handle them, he says, "is one of the main questions for mainline news sites." For starters, there's the question of terminology. "We're going to have to call them something else," Feaver says, noting the "baggage" the term carries with some newspaper editors.

Len Apcar, editor in chief of The New York Times on the Web, agrees. "We're an edited institution," he says. "If someone blogs for us, there's always another pair of eyes looking at it."

USA Today's Wilson sees a middle ground, a system that acknowledges concerns about both immediacy and responsibility. "In the case of the Olympics and election blogs, where time was of the essence, we were actively reading behind the person, as they were writing," he says. Other blogs there are lightly edited before they're posted. And in Spokane, Ken Sands follows his own logical system.

"If we have given someone a blog on our staff, we're pretty comfortable that they're not going to screw it up. So we read behind them; we don't edit before publication on the Web," he says. "For people who are outside the staff, our policy has been to edit them before publication," which, he says, consists mostly of catching typos.


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