Saturday, January 08, 2005

Blogdex II 8 January 2005 - Existology

Blogdex # 61 =

Arts & Letters Daily has not been as high for a long time. Since it has an awful lot of links, it is difficult to see why it is at 61 equal today. Mention of De Beauvoir offering Camus sex, via a Google?

The essay in Commentary Magazine, "Sartre vs. Camus " by Algis Valiunas, is tres, tres, bon.

I read almost all their books in the 70s and 80s. The one that got me was L'Etre et le neant: a page-oner.

About 5 years ago tried to re-read several of Camus' novels without making much headway. I had seen a TV dram-documentary on British TV, which used the devise of Camus a L'Angleterre, which he actually never visited. This essay might encourage me to try at least L'Etranger, La Chute and The Myth of Sisyphus, one more time.

When reading all this stuff in my existentialist phase, I decidedly plumped for Camus. Reading AV made me feel pretty damn good. Nothing better than confirmation of one's ideas, beliefs and prejudices.


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