Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Blogdex 28 December 2004

The Blogdex experiment continues, but apparent that my tastes in reading mean the list does not give me enough links. There may be one or two, but this is not going to to suffice. However, the restriction has one effect: greater calm. I find rattling round the old favourites in the old way, perhaps by relying on a weblogger who has a massive blogroll, with the old, into one site, out, in out, shake it all about, leaves me in a bit of a fug. It is then I resort to the old tactic of "Just find something to read". A substantial opinion piece or something from Arts & Letters on the life of a famous Musician, say, Mozart Tourette's Syndrome . Voila, calm descends.

Doing the Blog A list of a morning probably has some equivalences with what I imagine it is like for a journalist when he turns up in the morning at one of those massive open plan offices. On the way to his desk, with an idea for an article, or an order to write something from the sub-editor, he passes by his fellow journalists at their terminals, has a look over a shoulder or two, stops for a word and a bit of gossip with another, checks whose reading which newspapers spread out on the the desks, then : empty desk, black screen, down to business.

Some people get a buzz out of the blogosphere, but I am obviously different in having a core of interests from which, despite a constant desire to learn about things I am shaky on, as is the duty of any educated or semi-educated person, I rarely wander far. There is no list. If you could see the speed I run through a listing like Blogdex, you would see the subjects I am after are all neatly categories and keyworded in the old brain box!

Today, Blogdex gave me one satisfaction: a Fortune article to add to the Blogging For beginners Blogroll, Blog-Journalism, Why There's No Escaping the Blog.

This is a 5 pager.

page 1 covers MSN Spaces
page 2 Dan Rather debacle at the bottom
page 3
Kryptonite lock story
and "corporate propoganda" exemplified by Mazda's Kid Halloween
page 4 examples sackings resulting from weblogging, including the air-stewardess at
Delta Airlines, and something I want to follow up, someone from " social-networking
software company Friendster
page 5 some more Blog history including the story of
"Mena and Ben Trott, the husband and wife team who founded Six Apart, creator of Movable Type, the blogging software that now runs some of the most prominent blogs on the web, including InstaPundit and Jarvis's BuzzMachine."


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