Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Blogdex 5 January 2005 - hypertext

Blogdex # 5=

Jacob Nielsen on the topic of Reviving Advanced Hypertext, says the Web has no advanced hypertext capabilities. Jacob's biog

He summaries this article as:

To manage a huge, worldwide information space, users need proven features like fat links, typed links, integrated search and browsing, overview maps, big-screen designs, and physical hypertext.

Recently been arguing for some of this in weblogs: especially internal links because most writers want to go to what they have already written or, direct others to it from a current post. If they could find a way to speed up adding links of any sort to a weblog, this would be a revolutionary step, concentrating more of the effort on writing.
He links to his May 30, 1999 The Top Ten New Mistakes of Web Design also in his site, which is still interesting for those interested in hypertext, webdesign and general computer functionality. The simplest web-design mistake is allowing text to be unreadable e.g. by using a dark background with the wrong text colour. Still very common.

Further down Blogdex, a subject that is obviously of great interest, Six Apart Guide to Comments Spam The trend now seems to be to remove comments.

Clay Shirky writes on Wikipedia, linking to Slashdot roundup of wikicriti, and Larry Sanger's comprehensive: Why Wikipedia must jettison its Anti-elitism, at Kur5hin.

I've been editing a few wikis myself of late. Mostly when looking for something and find the wiki for the subject a stub, as they call it. Why stub? I have the image of a cigarett stubbed out in the ashtray, rather than what it should be something that denotes a placer. Who decides on these words? Are they all software jargon?


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