Saturday, September 10, 2005

To blog or to TiddlyWiki?

Everyone else seems to come across the tiddlywiki yonks ago. Since discovering it a few days ago, I am keen to start one because the style seems to fit more with my pattern of posts e.g. moleskine modality.

The weblog lost a lot by having no direct page to page internal links (though that is what category links serve as). replacing your weblog with a tiddlywiki solves one set of problems but leaves another set. For example, do you allow your wiki to work traditionally with full public access? If so, you will not retain the integrity of your posts.

As yet have not found out how complicated it is to run one (ftp,server space, etc), but the editing is a dream. Anyone reading your TW can order posts they want to see linearly.

This example has no public editing in the traditional wiki.



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