Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ahhhhhh-cademic tenure

Daniele Drezner is not going to get his tenured professorship because of his blog ( maybe).

Blogging Prof Fails To Heed His Own Advice

Jacob Gershman, Staff Reporter of the New York Sun, October 11, 2005


Does he need a tenure? It means a guaranteed high salary for life in laymans terms. Maybe he ought to go the next stage: earn a living by what he writes on the blog: advertising to the hilt, within his ethical parameters, bien sure; PaylPal begging bowl, et cetera.

His Sitemeter records 4,365hits today,48,375 this week, and 4,000,094 million this year. He ought to be able to make a very good living . I don't know what a professor gets in the States, but we can guess anything between $100-150,000. If you paid 1 cent (or penny) for each time you read his blog, he would not starve. Add to that his newpaper, magazine articles and interviews (all now to be paid for if they weren't before, Daniel...): a basic 40,000 from the weblog and the endless interviews (and articles in the res about said interviews) explaining how he is now earning a living from his weblog and the necessity to charge a fee for the one he he is now doing which includes an explanation of the need for a fat fee....the film rights to his soon-to-be-completed film script I-blog will be auctioned quite soon.


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